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More Geek Android By Russell Holly Aug. 11, 2014 9:31 am Were only a few weeks away from Samsung revealing the next version of the Galaxy Note , and as is frequently the case nowadays the details for this device have spilled out on to the Internet. The good news for Note fans is this is shaping up to be an impressive piece of hardware. Samsung has split users into two primary groups over the last couple of years, with advantages and disadvantages for each. In the spring they announced the next version of their Galaxy S line, which is usually released to compete with the other Android flagships of the year. In the fall, however, they launched the next version in the Galaxy Note line. While Samsungs Note users arent nearly as plentiful as their Galaxy S users, these giant smartphones have carved out an impressive niche in the market.
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After Apple Inc. added the optional “Activation Lock” feature to its iPhones in September, robberies of Apple products in New York City dropped 19 percent, while grand larcenies in the first five months of 2014 dropped 29 percent compared with a year earlier. In May, Minnesota became the first state to mandate the shut-off technology on all smartphones and tablets sold in the state, starting in July 2015. Similar legislation in Illinois, Rhode Island and New York did not advance this year. Leno’s bill failed an initial vote in April after fierce opposition from wireless companies and manufacturers warning against varying state regulations for products sold internationally.
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Developers get slightly less than one-third of the price charged for each app. To date, there have been more than 75 billion apps downloaded from the App Store. In June, Apple confirmed it had amassed more than 1.2 million apps in its store, but Androids Google Play store isnt far behind. According to the latest statements from Google, the Play store offered more than 1 million titles, and was responsible for more than 50 billion downloads and a 240+% year-over-year increase in per-user revenue.
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